Need Help- Replacing Wheel Studs

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Thread: Need Help- Replacing Wheel Studs

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Jul 2011

    Need Help- Replacing Wheel Studs

    Hi everyone

    I am a new member who owns a 1998 CRV Real-Time AWD. Unfortunately, 3 wheels studs are broken/stripped when someone tried to replace my FR tire with the Emergency Back Up (EBU) tire. Two broken studs are actually the ones for the EBU tire located on the back trunk door and one broken stud at FR tire. The dealership claim it will take 1 hour labor for FR stud and 2 hour labor for the back trunk door studs. The dealership want to charge me $38 for parts and $287 for labor, which equals to a whopping $325
    Am I getting taken advantage?
    How hard is it to replace the back trunk EBU studs; does anyone or anywhere have step-by-step instructions?


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    crv|oc Rank: Senior
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    Jul 2010
    Cleveland, OH
    I have seen them snap but never just strip. Did someone crossthread something putting it back together?

    Usually you can just knock the old ones out with a hammer and then press the new ones in by using a wheel nut and a spacer and tightening it down. Let me look in the service manual and see if it has any info as I haven't had to replace one in a long time. Usually the hardest part is just getting to them. Any tire shop or mechanic should be able to do it also, but still expect to be overcharged.

    You should probably not attempt to fix it yourself unless you are comfortable changing your own brakes.

    *Note never changed them on a CRV so below is just a guess*
    I can't find anything that specifically references the wheel studs in the manual. I am sure it is there and I just overlooked it. I think what you will have to do is jack it up and remove the tire, remove the caliper, make sure to support it with a hook and not the brake line, remove the rotor, then that should give you access to the hub with the wheel studs. Make sure there is some room behind the hub to get the old one out and the new one in. Take a hammer and knock the old ones out. If they are broken off you might need a punch. Then slide the new one in the hole and stick a couple spacers on it and put a wheel nut over top it. Tighten it up until it pulls itself all the way in and flush like the other ones. Then put everything back together.

    Maybe start with the ones on the back door and see how that goes? Be careful when hammering those out because you don't want to bend up the tail gate or shatter the glass.

    Perhaps there is some sort of gear puller that can be adapted to press the old ones out instead of hammering them?

    Autozone currently lists the studs as $1.99 each and the nuts as $2.49 each. The front and rear studs are different (looks like different lengths?) and I have no idea what would be used for the rear tailgate. I am sure you can get better prices online somewhere too.

    Front: Dorman 610-360
    Rear: Dorman 610-269

    The nuts have 4 pages of results depending on how fancy you want to get so you would have to look those up yourself. Probably just look at your old ones and get something that matches.
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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Jun 2010
    I have done this job myself after a shop (the freakin' dealership of all places) stripped 4 of my studs (3 rear, 1 front). The rears are pretty easy. I used a ball joint separator to gently push the stripped stud out and then push the new one in. In order to do the fronts, you have to remove the brake caliper AND the shield. Small problem- the shield is attached to the knuckle, meaning you have to press the entire bearing out to get to it.

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Jan 2008
    Metro, MN
    I have a '98 AWD and I did not need to remove the shield to replace a stud. There should be a small cutout that allows just enough room to push the old stud out the back. It's a tight fit, but it does work.

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    May 2008
    Victoria TX
    Can anyone post any pics on this stud removal on a 1st gen? Had my '99 up in the air and could not see hole for stud removal!

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Dec 2007
    This is asinine on Honda's part. The manual would tell you that you require a full hub removal ($250+) but some people have gotten away with grinding away a small part of the lug nut lip. (

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