Hi I'm having a problem with my 2004 crv. It's the 2.0 petrol model with manual gearbox with just over 40000 miles.

Basically the problem I have is when the car is started it starts and runs great but when I drive away and the temperature needle is just above the bottom line if I put the engine under a bit of load ( the bank round the corner from my house or pull away from a stop) the car seams to not want to rev. Or if going up a hill it drops of power and I need to put my foot down to get it to continue. It has been to Honda and they have plugged a laptop into the car when running and driving but nothing is showing. It seams to me as if it's a problem with the Automatic choke it's as if it is over fueling for a second or two. The problem only happens if the car is left overnight and will not return if I drive it the same day.

This problem only happens for a couple of seconds when the engine is getten up to temperature. Before this and after this it is butter smooth.

Thanks in advance.