Microphone issue 2012 CRV

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Thread: Microphone issue 2012 CRV

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Sep 2012

    Microphone issue 2012 CRV

    I just bought a 2012 CRV and I am having trouble with sound quality when I make calls. The people I am calling say it sounds like I have a lisp which I do not. My husband has a 2012 Civic and we have no issues with it. I took the CRV back to the dealer and they kept it along with my iPhone 4 for two hours and told me there was nothing wrong. I got a new phone and I am still having the problem. I found on Edmunds forum that someone posted they are having the same problem but no one had a solution. I am very frustrated and disappointed because the Bluetooth capability is one of the main reasons I bought a new car. Help!

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Jul 2012
    I also have a 2012 CRV and multiple people have told me that the quality of the microphone is horrible. I make calls every day I drive to work, and often have to repeat myself. I am not sure whether this is a problem on a few of the cars or whether every 2012 CRV has a crappy microphone but it really bothers me. I am sorry I don't have an answer to you, but I am wondering if anyone else has this problem or knows what to do? (get honda to fix? get an aftermarket microphone?)

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    crv|oc Rank: Sophomore
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    Oct 2012
    Chicago suburb
    The first time the wife called me from her 2013 CRV I couldn't believe it was her. Terrible sound. I really thought some stranger was calling me because my wife started to chat about what had just happened to her without identifying herself. The phone call from the CRV did not (and still does not) sound like her at all. I have since gotten used to the sound, but I don't like it. Please post back if you get a fix.

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Mar 2012
    I too have the same propblem with my wife's 2012 CR-V The bluetooth capability is really bad, lots of background noises and unable to hear the conversation clear. I've deleted her phone and re-installed it even using a different PIN instead of the "0000" default number and nothing! I've paired up my phone to her car and I get the same results when I place a call! We've suffered a great impact here in New York City with the recent Hurricane Sandy and have not have the time to address this concern, however after we get thru this I will bring it to the dealer for some resolution...

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Jan 2009
    I have the 2012 CRV with Navi, replaced the Mic and the squeal on the other end stopped. Works better than new, price was $88 online for the part.

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