Hey all.
Just stumbled on this forum, looking for a little help.
I had just left my house to run errands the other day and came to a stoplight. When the light turned green i took my foot off the break and went to push on the gas and i noticed the car didn't roll forward like it normally does in while in drive. I pressed on the gas pedal and the engine just revved. I was like the transmission had slipped into neutral. So i put my foot on the brake and then shifted it into park then tried to shift into drive again. Again when I pushed on the gas pedal the engine just revved, no motion. I tried to shift into 3rd, 2nd, and 1st. Didn't make a difference. I also noticed that i didn't need to put my foot on the brake pedal in order to shift from neutral to reverse or into park.
I turned off the car, then turned it back on, then put it in drive and was able to drive it to a parking lot so i was off the main road. Once i parked though i couldn't get it back into gear. I had a friend tow me home that night. Then the next day I had it towed to a mechanic. It would go into gear at first, but not after the car had been warmed up.
I've been looking around and it seems like others have had this problem. Not too sure tho if the only solution is major work on the transmission. I'd rather avoid that option if there are any others.
Any help you can give is much appreciated.

p.s. Parts are kinda hard to come by where i live. Anybody know what years of Honda Crv transmission parts are compatible with '97?