I have a second hand 2002 CRV that I have been driving for 2.5 years. When I try to stop fast on a slippery road or gravel the ABS engages and I feel the pedal shudder but the wheels lock up anyway and it is in a slide. The pedal travel stops higher than when ABS doesn't come on. The breaks are relatively new (rotors and pads) and I was at a dealer a few months back for front axle replacements but I didn't mention the breaks (I forgot about it 'till winter came back). The dealer would have told me if there was a code problem and I have no warning lamp. I used to drive a 1993 Mazda RX7 with ABS and it always stopped extremely well and wouldn't let the wheels lock when hard breaking on a slippery road and the pedal felt normal in travel. With the CRV, if the wheels lock (and I feel the ABS pulse) I can not stop unless I let off the breaks and break again but more gently. I have gotten used to grabbing the hand break to help sometimes.

Do other CRV owners experience this?