Metal grinding noise

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Thread: Metal grinding noise

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Jan 2013
    East Sussex. Uk

    Metal grinding noise

    I have had my crv for nearly six months now, a few months ago, whilst I was driving.idling in slow moving traffic the car made a strange grinding noise from the drivers side. It sounded like a metal grinding noise that went with the turning round of the wheels. It did this at below10 mph and only on a certain part of a road which was a slight hill. It didn't do it more with turning the steering wheel it just did it whilst moving slowly and never when it was at normal driving speed. However I took it to the garage where we tried to reproduce the sound but of course it wouldn't make it, and they said everything looked fine. It's only done it a few times.
    Well I haven't heard it for a few months now, but we now have several inches of snow on the ground so I needed to take the car out to get some petrol.
    The car worked well in the snow but that grinding noise is back. I had the car in second gear( it's an auto) and it did it pretty much constantly going to the garage and not so much on the way back only if i was going realy slow, so I am presuming its the four wheel drive?
    The garage seemed to think it wasn't the rear diff, as they said that happened on the model before mine. I have the 2007 newer model of the one with the wheel on the back.
    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    crv|oc Rank: Senior
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    Dec 2010
    Ontario canada
    How are the brake pads for wear? There is an audible indicator on them when they get too worn. How long since the trans fluid was changed. That year can make a sound like running over a steel grate when the fluid is worn out.

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Jan 2013
    East Sussex. Uk
    The break pads look new apparently according to the garage. The noise actually vibrates the steering wheel abit too not alot though. It's def a metal sound. Sounds like its coming from the front drivers side. I'm worried about driving it in the snow like it. And have lots of patients to see tomorrow! Hence why I bought this car as the SLK was so bad in the snow!

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    Everything in Moderation Carbuff2's Avatar
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    Jun 2006
    (NJ) Turnpike Traveller
    Could be nothing more than slider pins needing lubrication. These are the pins that the two halves of the caliper move on, when the brakes squeeze. Often, "all-makes" brake shops neglect to do this when replacing pads.

    Even though your noise seems to be coming from the front, make sure the rear caliper pins are lubricated as well....they are more prone to sticking because they are in the spray from the wheels.

    Other possibilities are a seized brake caliper, or a rusty ridge on the edges of the rotors. Or even gravel between the rotor and the splash shield on the inboard side of the brakes.


    BTW, even 2007+ CR-Vs need routine replacement of the differential fluid. It comes up on the Maintenance Minder about every 15K miles, but the counter could have been reset at an oil change without the service having been done. Be sure the shop uses Honda Dual Pump II fluid in the diff.

    Worn diff fluid manifests itself as a moan, especially when turning, and more-so when cold.
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