Darn that check engine light!

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Thread: Darn that check engine light!

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Sep 2008

    Darn that check engine light!

    Hi there!

    We have a '99 CRV with 118,000 miles on it that's had it's regular service checkups as needed, though we only purchased it a few weeks ago. A few days ago when our check engine light went on we immediately checked the gas cap, which definitely needed tightening.

    According to the manual it'll take three trips for the light to turn off, another site though said 25 miles. How long should we wait before schelpping to the dealer? Also, the brake light is sometimes on when the brake is NOT, so I'm skeptical of these lights now...

    Another factor: just after purchasing the car we moved and drove it from FL to MN... not sure if that temperature change might make a difference too? The check engine incident was a good several days after arriving in MN.

    Since the light came on we also got an oil change.

    Thanks for your help in solving this mystery!

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    crv|oc Rank: Freshman
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    Mar 2007
    Nboro, MA
    First thing you need to do is get the DTC read. That will point you in the direction of getting the light extinguished. With the 1999 you need to be aware of valve adjustments. The valves on your year engine need to be checked for adjustment approximately every 30K miles. DO NOT LOOK AT WHAT THE OWNERS MANUAL STATES, trust those of us on this site when we tell you 30K miles. Ignoring this advice can be at the risk of needing to replace the head, which can cost you as much as $3000. So do yourself a favor, get the code read (Autozone does it for free) and then search the forum for help and report back here. Lots of luck, Russ.
    98 V 200K miles

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Sep 2008

    Checked it out

    OK, it came up as a P0740, TCC failure. When I unplugged the scanner and restarted the car the light disappeared, when I scanned it again no code came up. The guy at Advance Auto told me I should be fine but if the light comes on again take the car to a tranny shop. It's been about a week, so far so good and I'm not having any trouble with the transmission other than those funny shifting bugs that seem -- from my research and experience -- typical for a car this big with a four cylinder engine and that have been there from the get go.

    Whaddaya think?

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