Door Locks are Failing - 2003 CR-V

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Thread: Door Locks are Failing - 2003 CR-V

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Aug 2009

    Door Locks are Failing - 2003 CR-V

    I've got a 2003 CR-V, LX. About 2 years ago, the drivers side door lock stopped working. At first, I was able to use some WD-40 and it worked periodically. At some point, it just stopped working. The key would only go 3/4's of the way in. I went to the dealer and they quoted me $500 to replace the lock.

    Being the cheap person that I am, I just started using the passenger side lock. Now this lock is showing signs of failing. Sometime the key slides right in and it works fine but more and more, I am having to jiggle the key back and forth in order to get all the way in.

    I've never had a car that had the locks fail like this. I've run Hondas up to 240K miles with issues like this. My CR-V only has 145K miles and I really wouldn't expect this to be happening.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Also wondering if this is a common problem with CR-Vs? My brother is driving a 2004 with a lot less mileage and he recently had to replace his driver side door lock as well.



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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Aug 2009
    devon uk
    wd40 or any light spray oil will wash the grease out of the lock and make it worse in the long term
    try coating your key in grease (reapply several times to try and work the grease into the lock mechanisum)

    all it is is the pins in the barrel siezing up (work away at it slowly with wd40 but then when it is free try and get some grease in there)

    failing that get/use a remote fob or replace locks (from a scrapyard if poss) and have a different key for doors /ignition
    born to spawn

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    Dec 2008
    Door Lock Cylinder Binds
    (Supersedes 03-068, dated April 20, 2004)
    The key will not go into the door lock cylinder, or if it
    goes in, it will not turn.
    The door lock tumblers are damaged or worn.
    2003 Civic 2-Door ALL
    2003 Civic 4-Door ALL
    2004 Civic 2-Door:
    From VIN 1HGEM....4L000001 thru
    2004 Civic 4-Door:
    From VIN 1HGES....4L000001 thru
    From VIN 2HGES....4H500001 thru
    LX From VIN JHMES1...4S000001 thru
    EX From VIN JHMES2...4S000001 thru
    2004 Civic Hybrid:
    From VIN JHMES9...3S000001 thru
    2002 CR-V ALL
    2003 CR-V 2WD:
    From VIN JHLRD6...3C000001 thru
    VIN Begins With SHSRD6 ALL
    2003 CR-V 4WD:
    From VIN JHLRD7...3C000001thru
    VIN Begins With SHSRD7 ALL
    2003 Element 2WD:
    From VIN 5J6YH1...3L000001 thru
    2003 Element 4WD:
    From VIN 5J6YH2...3L000001 thru
    Remove the door lock cylinder, and replace the inner
    cylinder, springs, and tumblers.
    Door Lock Cylinder Kit:
    P/N 06720-S5A-305, H/C 7604499
    (Kit contains eight door inner cylinders, two tailgate
    inner cylinders, and associated parts.)
    Door Lock Cylinder Kit Replacement Parts
    Door Inner Cylinder: (8 pieces)
    P/N 74844-S5A-305, H/C 7650963
    Tailgate Inner Cylinder: (2 pieces)
    P/N 74845-S5A-305, H/C 7650971
    Lock Spring: (60 pieces)
    P/N 74832-S5A-305, H/C 7650948
    K-Ring: (10 pieces)
    P/N 74833-S5A-305, H/C 7650955
    Sublock Tumblers: (50 pieces per part number)
    P/N 74840-S5A-305, H/C 7651052
    P/N 74841-S5A-305, H/C 7651060
    P/N 74842-S5A-305, H/C 7651078
    P/N 74843-S5A-305, H/C 7651086
    Tumblers: (100 pieces per part number)
    P/N 74834-S5A-305, H/C 7650997
    P/N 74835-S5A-305, H/C 7651003
    P/N 74836-S5A-305, H/C 7651011
    P/N 74837-S5A-305, H/C 7651029
    P/N 74838-S5A-305, H/C 7651037
    P/N 74839-S5A-305, H/C 7651045
    Cylinder Rod Clip
    CR-V, Element:
    P/N 72116-S47-901, H/C 5968136
    P/N 72116-S04-003, H/C 4846531
    P/N 08734-0030, H/C 7649320

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    crv|oc Rank: Sophomore
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    Jul 2007
    West By God Virginia
    Quote Originally Posted by 11Bee View Post
    Also wondering if this is a common problem with CR-Vs?
    Common to Sidewinder lock cylinders, model doesn't matter. Your dealer's quote is outrageous for one lock cylinder.

    See locksmiths threads

    on the EOC if you want to attempt a repair yourself - the door panel trim removal instructions don't apply but scroll through the pictures for the lock cylinder / outer door handle pics. The lock cylinder repair is the same. Another (relatively) low cost alternative is to install the Honda Accessory Keyless Entry, but if none of the lock cylinders work and the battery goes dead, well......
    Success is 99% failure
    -Soichiro Honda

    Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.
    -Winston Churchill

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Jan 2014
    Just purchased 2003 CRV for my daughter and saw your respons. e in CRV-OC forum-is this a recall from Honda or just a guide on how to fix it.

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Sep 2015
    11bee - did you solve your door lock problem. i am having the same problem on the driver side. keys wont go in or wont do anything. i replaced the actuator but didn't solve the problem. i'd appreciate hearing from you or any other who had the same issue

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