Hi There...

I'm new here and to my CR-V, so please bear with me.

I recently purchased a 2005 Honda CR-V but was only given 1 key, with the keyless lock/unlock and trunk unlock. So, being new to the vehicle i went to the dealership and asked the price for a spare key. As most of you know, its so ridiculous it makes your jaw drop. So i hopped on ebay and found an exact match for my remote key for $25. I had it cut for $35 (theres only one place in my town that does it, the Honda dealership doesn't even do it)) and now need to program it(they wanted $40 at the locksmith to program it...i didn't want to do that).

I read about programming the key yourself but i have a few questions before I actually do it...

1) I've read that it (the online programming instructions) only programs the remote keyless functions but not the immobilizer. Do i have to go to the dealership to be able to use my new key to start the engine?

2) When programming the new remote key, what about the key in the ignition? Program mode erases the programming in all the remote that were associated before the program so I am thinking that i have to hit the lock button on the key in the ignition as well.

Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!