New 2017 EX-L Owner: First Impressions and Cargo Dimensions

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Thread: New 2017 EX-L Owner: First Impressions and Cargo Dimensions

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    crv|oc Rank: Member catnip720's Avatar
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    Jan 2017

    Post New 2017 EX-L Owner: First Impressions and Cargo Dimensions

    I just bought my first new car, a modern steel 2017 CR-V EX-L with navigation and a host of dealer add-ons. I wanted to share my experience and ways I plan to modify the vehicle.

    First off, here's what I got: The vehicle plus nano tint windows (35%), Door edge film, door handle film, side body molding, nitrogen filled tires, wheel locks, mud guards, cargo tray, and pinstripe. Original cost quoted to me was $34,500+TTL, which I then negotiated down to $31,823+TTL. Final cost everything included was $34,785.15. I was surprised that I was able to negotiate as far down as I did. Factors that may or may not have had an impact were that I originally did not want any of the add-ons (I planned to buy and install most of them myself), and that I only financed about $5000 to help build my credit and paid the rest up front. Please comment on your experiences negotiating, I'm interested to compare. Vehicle was purchased at Honda cars McKinney.

    I've been driving the car for two days now, so here are my impressions in no particular order:
    • Modern Steel matches the gray accent on the EX-L wheels, which makes for a coordinated visual effect
    • Honda key-less entry is incredible and easy to use
    • Side front door pockets extend further than you can see, I suppose to fit long items like an umbrella
    • The leather seats feel to me much nicer than the cloth. Try both before buying
    • Honda sensing is AMAZING. Lane keep assist is the only feature that feels unfinished
    • With adaptive cruise control (ACC) I can use cruise control while driving in suburbs
    • ACC slows you down if a car is within the set following distance, which means you can keep it on until you have to make a turn or a stop. I now almost always use ACC during normal driving on the highway or in the city. This also helps gas milage because it prevents hard acceleration that I myself am prone to.
    • Android Auto does not work very well. It is even slower than the infotainment system
    • Infotainment system is slower than I would like, and Honda-link is useless
    • Infotainment system is surprisingly customize-able, with the ability to change themes, colors, and background images, as well as tweaking how certain vehicle functions behave (when the lights fade, turning off annoying touch volume slider, etc)
    • There's a volume knob! Finally!
    • light above dash that indicates fuel economy helps me to control acceleration when not using ACC without having to look down and micromanage instantaneous fuel efficiency, which I tend to do
    • 4 way lumbar adjustment is fantastic for comfort
    • Rear seats are the easiest I have ever seen to fold down, and they fold down very compact. The lower part of the seat recesses about three inches to get them so low
    • adjustable height rear cargo area is awesome! When moving from the low setting to high setting, the cargo tray can be stored underneath to keep the lips from catching long items that are being slid into the enormous cargo area (my bikes)
    • Acceleration is much better than expected. The torque band provided by the 1.5 Turbo make a huge difference.
    • No rubber band effect experienced as with other CVT transmissions that I have driven
    • I believe the smaller volume engine helped enlarge the interior dimensions
    • Middle console is spacious, but slightly awkward to use with the sliding tray. That being said, I don't think I would change anything about it, I think I'm just not used to it
    • Like other Honda vehicles, a little know feature is that holding down the unlock button for ~five seconds will remotely roll down all four windows before you're even inside the vehicle
    • Cruise control is easy to control: Individual presses of the + or - will move mph up or down incrementally, while holding the buttons will jump to the next increment of five. This makes speed adjustments very easy.
    • The new tail lights look super aggressive, just like the rest of the vehicle. I love the new look!
    • Sound system is acceptable, but I plan on adding a sub-woofer to the rear via a custom enclosure to round out the system
    • I'm glad that I got the EX-L, the power lift gate is extremely convenient

    Overall the only thing about this vehicle that isn't exceptional is the infotainment system. I think they could have put a little more money/development resources into making a faster system that matches the elegance and coordination of the rest of the vehicle. My previous vehicle was a 1992 GMC Suburban, so this has been a huge step up! It didn't have working cruise control, or bluetooth, or anything. I don't miss the cavernous interior because getting a new one was not worth the cost up front and in fuel economy. If I need more space than I have to move or something I plan on installing a class II trailer hitch to either carry bikes or tow a small trailer. A hitch like this only costs ~$150.

    Going forward, the additions that I plan to make are the sub-woofer, the trailer hitch, get a sun-shade to protect the seats when parked, picl up some weathertech floor mats for spills etc, pick up a dash cam, bluetooth OBDII reader, and a car cleaning kit to take care of the interior/exterior. I plan on driving this car until it's too expensive to maintain, hopefully I can make it to 15 years.

    Here's some pictures I took:

    Name:  20170111_131023.jpg
Views: 77
Size:  58.4 KB
    Name:  20170111_131053.jpg
Views: 71
Size:  63.2 KB
    Name:  20170111_131104.jpg
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Size:  58.7 KB
    Name:  20170111_131127.jpg
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Size:  55.5 KB

    The dimensions in the pictures below are as follows; a-73" b-40" c-33" d-41"
    I recommend going to the dealership with a tape measure if you need accurate dimensions. I'm just a guy on the internet and I did these measurements quickly, so I cannot guarantee accuracy.

    Name:  20170111_131206_Ink_LI.jpg
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Size:  39.9 KB
    Name:  20170111_131206_Ink_LI2.jpg
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Size:  40.0 KB

    Thanks for reading, please feel free to ask questions. This was just my first impressions on the vehicle, I'll be back in the forums if any of my opinions change or if there's anything new that I notice.

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Jan 2017
    Arlington, TX
    Congrats. I also bought a Honda CRV EX-L from Honda Mckinney. I got the Basque Red Pearl II.
    Yes I concur with mostly everything you posted. I use Apple CarPlay and it's really works well - except for I don't get anything on the instrument cluster like Android Auto. I believe Android Auto is still a work in progress -- the good news is Waze is probably coming faster to Android Auto than Apple CarPlay.

    I pondered about upgrading to a Touring model but the extra $2500 or so - was out my budget and for a few features that I can live without. The EX-L is probably the best value because it has pretty much everything.

    Only thing that concerns me is the HD-Radio missing from it. Driving around DFW you get some reception issues - especially AM. Anyway it's nice to have.

    Only had the vehicle for 1 week and I came from a Saturn VUE XR 6 cyl.

    Here are my observations:

    - Pickup is very quick even with the Econ button engaged. As fast as my old Saturn VUE but smoother.
    - It's noisier than the 6 cyl in the beginning but nothing major and a different growl that goes away as soon as go faster.
    - Steering and handling are amazing. The 18 inch tires really make this a sweet ride. No one should get the LX model, the EX and Above models are the true CRV.
    - Honda Display Model needs some getting used to. They have eliminated the "Honda AHA" and pretty much put Honda-Link button to just be a guide. AHA used to offer music streaming apps, weather, catalogued points of interest and navigation (app) but now Honda-Link is vehicle info. Oh well, CarPlay is much better alternative.
    - Lot of Tech for the Money. Everything luxury cars offer in Safety is included. Salesperson said this year's EX-L is basically last year's Touring edition.
    - Gotta love the Walk-Away Lock features. Very cool.
    - The Honda Shutter system is a high tech way of controlling airflow. Once a BMW exclusive, glad it's made it to regular cars.

    I didn't get all the additions you got, but I got away with the vehicle for $30k with my barely running Saturn Vue.

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Jan 2017
    Glad you like it! Was going for the Ex but rather have the EX L

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