Question 2007 CRV navigation. The slot for the navigation disk is behind the navigation screen.
I swear there is no navigation disk in the unit - nothing came out when I tried to eject a disk.
In fact, I gently put a music CD into the unit and it sucked it in and immediately started playing
the music. I'm not sure if the navigation should work without the disk inserted or not. This is
a car we just bought. If the disk was loaded in 2007 does it have to remain in the slot in order
for the nav to work? I've tried inputting address and it does seem to want to work.

Second question. Is there or is there not a code that has to be entered to have an update disk load? I've
heard that there is a code maybe on the disk jewel case and then I've heard that you just insert the disk
and no code is required.

Thanks for any feedback