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Thread: Hidden Gems?

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    Super Moderator rocky's Avatar
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    May 2008
    Had two phones connected today via BT. Son's phone to music and mine as a phone.had a tough crosstown route that I found easily on google, sometimes it's better than built in. Google instructions interrupts music easily.

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Jul 2016
    New Lowell Ontario
    I Have 2016 found I have to keep button pushed for a few secs

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Feb 2017
    Antelope Valley, CA
    I have only gotten to Pg10, but thought I'd comment on the ones that interested me, at this point.

    Quote Originally Posted by arn357 View Post
    The tonneau cover when not in use can be stowed away in opening of the cargo area. The tonneau in this stowed position can be pulled up vertically and locked in place where you could store small grocery bags items or items you want to hide from prying eyes between the tonneau cover and the rear hatch.
    Quote Originally Posted by 2CRV View Post
    This is more of a tip than a hidden gem: when the rear seats are fully folded down, one can store the retracted, removable cover for the back cargo area in the small gap that is between the back of the front seats and the top of the folded down seat. (That may be hard to visualize). Moreover, you can take the protruding flap of the retracted cover and tuck it into that gap. I hope this makes sense! Peter
    Well, these are new to me, I'll have to look into these.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phenom View Post
    I had the same little pocket in my old car. I would put my various gate access cards there or my apartments gate remote. It was convenient. I no longer have the gate cards and my remote is too large for this little cubby area, so I'm also curious about what others may store there.

    One gem I've discovered is the second button under the handle on the rear hatch. I knew about the larger button to open the hatch, but I didn't know about the second smaller button to the right of that that will lock the vehicle. I would usually walk around to the front doors and push that button or I would use the key fob. It helps to read the manual it would seem,
    I had found the cubby while we were driving it home, when we bought it. Knew about the "little button" on the hatch door, from the time we had our '16 Pilot, all models.

    Quote Originally Posted by Travelor View Post
    You can change the wallpaper on your central large screen.

    Need a thumb drive to transfer it from your PC.
    I'm going to look into this one, would love to change it every month or two.

    Quote Originally Posted by illusion View Post
    I am not sure whether this is a hidden gem but I realized that the wipers are speed controlled. Say its raining heavy and your wipers are working at full speed , you stop on a traffic light, voila the speed of the wipers will slow down as well automatically instead of you manually doing it ... great feature !!!

    Also the rear wipers work automatically as soon as you hit reverse and have your front wipers on !
    Quote Originally Posted by Hawk600 View Post
    Did anybody noticed the while in intermittent mode the wipers start a pass every time you release the brakes?
    Hand little feature while in bumper to bumper traffic.
    I never sat down and timed them on our CR-V nor our Pilot. Also, never noticed that they do a sweep when you release the brake. Will have to check these out.

    Quote Originally Posted by 2CRV View Post
    Here's one I discovered on a long drive and didn't notice when I skimmed the owner's manual: we all know the left steering wheel control with left/right arrows tunes to the next preset station of your SiriusXM radio. But did you know that a long press on one of these arrows takes you to the next up/down SiriusXM station (that is, not a preset station)? This is a great way to pass time and slowly work your way through the 100+ channels to see what is on!

    Thanks for the bit of information, Peter.

    Quote Originally Posted by JasonC View Post
    There’s another pair of LATCH anchors in the middle seat of the second row!
    Every other car I’ve seen only has 2 pairs. This is the only car I’ve seen with 3 pairs.
    You may be referring to the "Child Safety Seat Anchors," for strapping the "upper" strap from the safety seat to the vehicle. If you only have one child, in a safety seat, it is ideal that you strap the seat into the vehicle in the center position of the back seat.

    Quote Originally Posted by toast21 View Post
    I doubt this is '15-specific, but you can get your trip meter to automatically reset itself when you fuel up:

    Menu button on the wheel -> iMID Vehicle Menu -> Customize Settings -> Trip Computer Setup -> Trip A reset trigger -> With refuel.

    Stops my brain from exploding when doing Fuelly updates, so I like it.
    Quote Originally Posted by 2CRV View Post
    Again, maybe not new and maybe already well known: while waiting in my 2015 CRV today I noticed you can set the Odometer Trip meters to automatically reset to zero every time you start the car or every time you add fuel. Too cool. So I've got Trip odometer A to reset when I start the car and Trip odometer B to reset when I refuel. Fun!
    I loved this feature on our Pilot, would only reset when you completely refueled it, and most times, you would have to go $1-$1.50 beyond the first kick of the nozzle. Definitely looking into thiis one later today.

    Quote Originally Posted by dunntm View Post
    Great thread. I have had the CRV a week and have found these two gems.

    1. If you want to sit with the car running, at night, you can turn off the day time running lamps ( so the lights don't shine in a window, etc) by setting the Emergency brake.

    2. There are extra defroster wires on the rear window right where the wiper sits to make sure it stays free from ice. Very crafty, Honda. Very crafty.
    On our Pilot, the E-brake would have had to been set before starting the vehicle to have the lights off. Both the Pilot and the CR-V, you can not dim your lights when going through the gates on a military installation, the "eyebrows" brighten up brighter than the low beams. Like with the Pilot that we use to own, I would love to find a way to have the forward ambers on instead of the eyebrows, when the lights are in "parking lights."

    Quote Originally Posted by Guerinkeywest View Post
    Because I don't like the way they are sewn, I can get better gas mileage with less weight, I can see better out the rear without them, The angle drives me crazy, my kid slobbered on them, and a couple other reasons too minor to mention.

    Why do you want them to fold down automatically?
    The headrests are a safety feature for those in the back seat. Removing the headrests may better your fuel economy by 0.002 MPG per tank. You will have to take a lot of items out/off of your CR-V to better your economy.

    Quote Originally Posted by angier35 View Post
    I was play around and found out have to get my text message to read to me (WOW) have anybody got there to work
    I was reading my Pilot's OM, and it said that it only worked with Android phones, and not iPhones/iPads. After looking through the OM, there is no specification that it's only Android. Looks like I'll be checking that out today, too.

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Feb 2017
    Antelope Valley, CA

    Quote Originally Posted by shobuddy View Post
    Don't have a hidden gem but am wondering if there's a way to set up a 2015 EX where the radio does not turn off when the ignition button is turned off, rather, the radio turns off after the ignition is turned off AND the door(driver's) is opened.
    Quote Originally Posted by Volksonda View Post
    I miss that too with my VW. The radio won't turn off until you pull the keys from the ignition.

    I would so love to be able to add a feature like that if its possible(opening door turns off radio)

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    Quote Originally Posted by gutsy View Post
    In the touring model I keep the shift button pressed while turning the ignition OFF. This shuts off the ignition but keeps the car in "accessory" mode which keeps the radio ON.
    My '16 Pilot Touring Edition didn't do that, but then again, it had a push button transmission. But, for the CR-V, this only works in the Touring? BUMMER!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by osbornk View Post
    With my 16 EX-L, the headlights come on automatically when the wipers are in use and that is useful as it is required by law in Virginia. However, yesterday, I found out that the headlights must be in the auto position for it to work. If the headlights are turned off, the feature does not work.
    Required in CA too.

    Quote Originally Posted by AMen View Post
    New here -- what a great thread!

    I stumbled upon a YouTube video showing how to get to the rear-view camera anytime, not just in Reverse.

    On the steering wheel:
    1: Tap Menu
    2: Press and hold Menu & Source for 5 seconds
    3: A new menu appears - select Camera

    Please don't watch it while you're driving -- very unsafe! (But passengers can feel free to )
    Read through a few more comments and found that this is only for Touring Edition, BUMMER!!!

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Mar 2017
    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom1 View Post
    Great thread. I'm curious to see what other people post. What do you keep in the little spot over your left knee? I'm a little dissapointed in the storage space so I'm trying to figure out what will fit there. In my old car, there was a little drawer in that spot which was great for keeping spare change and money for tolls. I don't really think that little spot will work for that as it would probably spill out. I'm trying to find a little change purse that will fit in there but so far, haven't found anything.
    I know its been a while - One of those soft plastic Coin Holder with chain, like you see at checkouts in old fashion hardware stores. I keep a supply of parking meter quarters in it.

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Jan 2017
    Quote Originally Posted by riteshjain82 View Post
    Does anyone know if there is any setting I need to change to make the trunk button near your left leg work? In my CRV, whenever I press that button to open the trunk from inside, nothing happens. I am wondering if there is something I am missing here.

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    What trunk button? I have a 2013; no button.

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    crv|oc Rank: Member
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    Jul 2016
    New Lowell Ontario
    the button in for few seconds.To activate the swith. a safety feature. Stimy

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