AS a Note:

If you create an extensive DIY with pictures, or a good essay/or both on how to do it. me and GTCB-Chris will be moving them over to a newly created "DIY Center" section where everyone can view them, and ask questions in a sub thread that is attached to the DIY center.


1.Leave no signature on the DIY - there is an option for singature shown below where you type the text for your thread. This is so if it takes multiple posts to put all your pictures and words in - we can read it in a nice flowing manner. You can leave your signature if it is a single post, or if it is the last post of the DIY.

2. We will delete ANY replies to it once it is moved to the DIY center, so if you want it in the DIY center to begin with, put something about that in the TOP of the first post of your thread, we will delete the little bit of info later for you.

3. Make sure it is a well-written thread, easily understandable, and if you have to use pictures or drawings to explain it, the more the better.

4. BE READY - to answer questions in the DIY questions thread in the sub-thread section of the DIY CENTER.

5. Even if you didn't intend to get into the DIY CENTER, we may move your thread there anyway if it's really good.

6. Generally, it is best to post your DIY here, but we will also scout the forums looking for other projects to keep the new DIY center full of useful info.

With that, happy modding CRV-OC members and let's see some good projects.
This is an effort to make more information readlily available and easier to find and access.

Note: if you find your DIY or Repair/service how to missing, look in the "DIY CENTER" and it is probably there. If you currently had a discussion going with it, we will not erase it, but we will move the conversation itself to the sub-thread inside the DIY center and your conversation or questions can resume normally.

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