moved from Atlanta GA - this is our 3 winter. Yay. Not. Anywho, seized passenger rear. dont have any garage or tools to do any work. It all in storage in GA. Afraid to trust "nationwide" brands like Midas. have not had them check the bleeder valve release to see if it "releases" the piston inside the caliper. How do I / they check INSIDE the brake hose/line? And if it indeed bad - do you have a guy nearby? Last which BRAND of caliper, rotor and pads do you suggest. they are quoting wagner pad, acibono rotor maybe but the caliper is API (auto parts inc)? this quote for rear calipers is $120 each (for cheap ones - other wise $200 each but ONLY ONE IS SUPPOSEDLY STICKING... do I still do both??), rotors $45 each, pads $54, labor to put on one caliper is $50 so total labor is $200. Looking at $600... crazy

Summit NJ - seeking CRV mechanic and seized caliper opinion/price + BRAND