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  • Aeromech ·
    I posted several times the other day and none have appeared. I've written you or others several times with no response. What gives?
    JohnG45 ·

    I have been a member since mid-November 2014. For some reason, I have been unable to post replies in threads. I sought help and was directed to you. You apparently solved my problem and those old posts appeared in their appropriate threads.

    Yesterday (1/13/2014), I went through the motions of replying to a comment in a thread but the comment was never published in the thread nor was the comment present when I examine my own record of comments in the "Member List" section.

    Please help.

    John Galligan
    gsturgill ·
    hello. i am trying to print the entire thread about 2008's AC problems, but when i go to print i get nothing but blank pages.
    do i need to be a PAYING member to be able to print? even tried selecting, but no different. really need to print this info. as i am having same problems and want to show the dealer. thanks.
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