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  • Splitfyre ·
    Greetings Serj22,

    Hope all is well!
    I was just browsing through one of your posts and it looks like you've swapped RSX seats into a gen 2.
    Does it just involve swapping the rails or the whole bottom pan?

    I'm familiar with swapping Integra seats into Civics, but never RSX into CRV's.

    Please advise.
    GTCB-chris ·
    hey man im still alive, just logged in to see whats going on. im no longer a mod, thank god no ore annoying emails. apparently people complained about me. congrats on the daughter buddie
    Kostek1234 ·

    My name is Tomek I'm from Poland,

    I have Crv gen 2 from 2003 and i have question about Gauge in this car , Do you try to swap Gauge from 2003 to 2005-2006 after lifting ?

    I know that , to swap this i need to change pins in conectors, but I dont have any schematic of this ....

    Can you help my ???

    What you think about this ? This can work ? If you have bether ID tell me that, mayby try to change only the light, (orange to white) , Becouse in this year this look not good..

    Thank's for the answer....

    sory for my english...

    With regards , Tomek user - kostek1234
    Serj22 ·
    Sorry everyone for not getting back promptly about the manual. Remember though, it is free and I am only one person./ Currently I have been working nights and days EVERY day in preparation for January 9th when I will become a father and my daughter will be born so I am swamped and can rarely get online. PM me your E-mail adress if you have at least 10 posts and I will E-mail you the manual. That will be faster, plus rapidshare is no longer free, and doesn't work anyway so we can't do it that way anymore.
    Yankeezone25 ·

    I, and others, have been asking for access to the user manual for the 2nd Gen. CR-V. You haven't been responding to PM's. What gives?
    fsdogwood ·
    Hi Serj,
    It was nice that you made the manual available.
    I just started working on my 03 CR-V, and began posting on this forum. Not sure if you
    still accept requests, however, would appreciate if you could send me the userid and
    password for accessing the files.


    prem molinari ·
    Hi, I|m Prem from Uruguay and i like so much the forov, but my english si too bad!! please i like to download the Honda_Cr_V_2002_Service_Manual_K20_K24, con you send me the username and pw_
    thanks a lot
    the next week i|ll putt some photos of my black honda
    evancaxe ·
    Hello Serj,

    I recently inherited a 2004 CRV with a few nagging issues I want to fix while I have some down time this summer. I would love a copy of the service manual so I do not completely destroy this wonderful machine. I am new to this forum but hope to be an active member.

    mholm ·
    Can I have the password and username for the rapidshare account with the CRV shop book?
    Mike Holm
    BeautifulCV ·
    I was looking at black wheels a while back but i think i might just do that.....way less expensive. Does it look like the wheel came like that when you were done or just like you painted it yourself. Will the paint come off.
    BeautifulCV ·
    well then how'd you make the trash can one. also I saw some of your other projects....WOW. You've done a lot. DID you just Paint your wheels? What paint do you use.
    BeautifulCV ·
    hey i'm interested in a heat shield for my air intake and saw you had one on your's. how did you find and install it and does it make a difference?
    Jack3 ·
    I made the file but now I need the name and password.
    Nice gesture. I hope everything works well.
    I'm a 68 year old retired military guy that loves to tinker.
    Thanks ... Jack3
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