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      You probably want to have an Offroadairbuddy along to re-inflate the tires quickly. Talk to someone at Offroadairbuddy to see how many times one tank-full can re-inflate all 4 of your tires.
      Highly recommend buying a portable battery operated air pump from Harbor Freight, Home Depot, etc.

      And buy a real tire gauge, a tire patching tool, and some patches as well.
      This has saved me 10+ times, Home Depot is nail city around here.
      A heads up for Costco Tire folks, if you self patch a Costco tire they won't fix it (my experience).
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      All my cars have this Harbor Freight Inflator comes with the bag (which also fits a small plug kit and plug tools). It's been used many times and works well. I do have a battery clamp to power outlet adapter also if needed.

      My Beach Bag has the Viair 88P which as stated above works awesome from 18-35psi for 4 tires non stop. I also like it as it clamps on to battery and not reliant on the small power outlet wiring in most vehicles. The bag also contains a 25ft regular air hose and fittings. Normally the beach compressor is working but only 2-4 hoses and busy. They have extra air chuck outlets further back. The Viair has been used many times because compressor was down or ridiculous line.

      Oh yea for OP- you should be checking air pressure at least monthly if not more often. Tires lose 1lb per month AND 1lb for every 10 degrees temperature change. 80 degrees last time you checked, now 30 degrees = 5psi. 4 months ago = 4 psi. You could be down 9psi. Don't forget to check your spare tire also, same rules apply. Most people don't check it until they need it and it is almost flat also.
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