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      Funny how you eventually came back to the first reply from @hondo in reply #2. :)

      Do us a favor and give a review of it when you use it.
      I've decided on Foxwell NT680 Pro Automaster Pro Scanner All-System Diagnosis With 26+ Special Service Functions Updated Version of NT644 Elite It's ALL SYSTEMS and lifetime updates. It's not bi-directional and doesn't do active tests but after reading reviews for different bi- tools, not all functions are available for all makes and models, and probably same for active tests. I don't even know if i'll ever reach bi-directional and active test skill levels. I'm a youtube/as needed mechanic. Step by step instructional video and whatever i can do without causing too much harm to myself and car. I should have it on june 4th. Coming directly from china. $323.10 no tax. I didn't even see this model on amazon sold directly by the manufacturer at this price. It's my first expensive scan tool. 530 is not all systems and only one free brand. Up to 30-40 brands can be loaded but that would be very expensive for a limited capability tool. If i want to load more it's around $60-80/brand. I like to help people if i have a good scanner and they have other brands cars i'll scan them for free.

      BTW i installed a brand new SRS control unit. Airbag light went away. I just need to scan for fault codes if there are any. Then i'll do transmission/TC and then a full scan. Will update as i use it. I can do a full scan and upload or screenshot in PC and upload here for all to see what it does for '14 crv.
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