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      I just did my neighbors pilot today, and a few months ago my step dads crv with 200k on it
      . Its EXTREMELY easy to clean, if you are handy you can swap the lights but this is the best kit ive used comes with tape, wipes, sealer, chuck for drill and very clear instructions

      3M 39165 Headlight Restoration Kit (Heavy Duty – Drill Activated)

      Maybe other retailers have it cheaper.
      I paid $17
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      Neighbor gave us a great deal on their 2005 CRV that they were going to trade in. Regular maintenance and only 112K miles. Going to let our son's girlfriend / future fiancé officially title it. In the process of bringing it back into spec before letting her reimburse us for it. One thing that is really bad on it is the foggy headlights. There are so many new products popping up everyday but I'm looking for one that is really good and hopefully will hold up long term. If you're successfully restored your headlights recently I'd be interested in knowing what you used. Would like it to have UV protection too but I do have a couple of 3M UV wipes I can fall back on if your product didn't include that. Looking forward to your responses, hopefully we can get everything finished up and she'll get her 1st car by this Friday! Thanks, Randy

      My step dad had an 05 his headlights were milky yellow
      We were down there on vacation a few years ago and i ordered this on prime and did his lights

      They looked brand new
      3M 39165 Headlight Restoration...
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