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  1. Sat Nav lens Cleaning Guide (Disassembly)

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi. Thank to everyone who put his effort to prepare this guide. I have cleaned the lens in my sat nav and.... it works!!! To be honest I am not very lucky with electronic devices and when I hear that some procedure was helpful for someone it never mean that it will works for me :-) But this...
  2. Sat Nav lens Cleaning Guide (Disassembly)

    Mobile Electronics
    Tom I would say. Don't need to touch this tiny screw. You just need to play a little bit with the two metal things and you will be able to take it out to get direct access to the lance. I didn't unscrew it. Thanks to everyone who participated to create this guide.
  3. Crv 2005 2.2 Cr-V I-Ctdi Executive

    Greetings & Introductions
    Proud to own this car since 1 month 🙂 Just replaced the alternator on dealer warranty but I heard it is common for this model. Have "dvd reading an error" but I found plenty of info on the forum and will try to clean the laser lens. Hope will help. Just say hello to everyone in the club
1-3 of 3 Results