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I got this car late this summer, my second Honda CR-V
Installed moog control arms front and back. Kyb struts. 05 front bumper with fog lights. Brand new driveshaft. New 4 seasons ax conoressor. Skunk2 low profile washers along with new valve cover gasket.
Factory they only come blakc but had my paint shop color match to the car
Windscreen washers not working! the washer motor turns over but nothing comes out, so I have followed great advice from others and it was wheel off, inner arches off, disconnect the pump with a little gentle turn and a push up ( bucket at the ready to catch the washer fluid) guess what? nothing...
I can’t let it work
CRV -2017 EX Head unit replacement
2020 CRV DIY Black Edition
2020 CR-V EX Modification. A journey.
It is lowered on BC coilovers, riding on 2017 Touring wheels, with a lower profile tire. The exterior has a front and rear chrome delete along with a full LED conversion inside and out.
Beautiful rims and caliper covers
Previous (comparable cars): 2006 Pilot EX-L and 2011 Mazda CX-9 Touring.
What an absolute beaut!! 2nd Honda after our lush mk8 Civic which was sadly killed off by a van in January
My first Crv after owning Mk8 Civic
Almost 3 years old, 20,000 miles & still looks brand new
Honda CRV with YAKIMA racks and basket
Can follow on Instagram if want to see more crv_vic
2003 Honda CRV Fwd Auto N/A
2009 Honda CR-V EX-L
Off conventional roads across Mallorca Island
Very well looked after.