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Red and white two tone
Bought this used a couple years ago. Went through the entire vehicle and replaced all needed parts, brakes, suspension, new AC, transmission fluid change, Differential Fluid change, etc.
After driving my first gen 1997 CRV to 308,000 miles, the head gasket job I did failed, so it was time for a new ride. I bought this 2006 Honda CRV from a Ford dealer in West Palm Beach, it was "as-is" so I had some work to do to get it back in good running order. This is my daily driver and I loved my first CRV. I am an avid surfer and fisherman and my first V took me where I needed to be. The 2nd gen CRV's seemed to be a lot like the 1st gen, just a little bigger, more stable and more power.

I liked the way the 2nd gen looks and decided to buy this 2006 Honda CRV SE - white with camel leather interior. I am no off roader but I do need to get to some pretty tough areas here in Brevard County Florida. Fishing and Surf spots usually don't have parking lots or paved roads to get there.
I used to have a 1973 Toyota Landcruiser and I always liked the four door Landcruisers that came red and white two tone from the factory, so that is the look I'm going for with my 2006 Honda CRV SE.

I like to call it "Desert Racer" only because of the look, I don't think it will ever see the desert or a race:)

I had a wrap job done and had Avery Dennison Gloss Red wrap applied to the bottom half below the door handle body line. It turned out looking great and I get looks from all kinds of Off-Roaders, Four Wheelers and others like the big diesel 4x4 truck that tried to diesel blast me, he missed and got the guy behind me in his sedan with his windows down, oops:)

I did have General Grabber AT2 235/70R16 tires installed which makes a huge difference in drivability, stability and general handling with some sacrifice to MPG's. I had a smaller version of these on my 1st gen and it made a huge difference (much better) in how the vehicle handled in all conditions, including rain...

New to this forum so I just wanted you all to know what's up with me and my V...


2.4 liter automatic
Camel Leather
Red and white two tone
Stock stereo with 6 CD changer
Roof mounted Fog Lights
Wheel and Tire
Stock Wheels with General Grabber AT2 235/70R16 all terrain tires


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Do you have any rubbing issues with your 235/70s? I have aftermarket wheels with less offset coming and wasn't sure if I'll need a lift or wheel spacers to clear the shock and inner fender lining. Thanks!