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CR-V EXL w/ Navigation & 6 CD Changer
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Hi Everyone,

New to the forum & looking for some help please.

In light of the recent 2022 date/time issue with older CR-V’s, I decided to upgrade with a “Seicane 9'' Android 9.1 Car Stereo Radio GPS Navi WIFI Head Unit” bought through eBay….

I reviewed all the YouTube videos showing how to install the new head unit, but when it comes to making the wiring connections, none seem applicable to my CR-V which has the built in Navigation, 6 CD changer and USB port for phone connectivity.

Sadly, whist the electrical wiring & connector block provided with the Seicane unit may be compatible with most other audio head units of this era, it is not compatible with mine

Has anyone else encountered this problem and can anyone recommend next steps.

I’ve provided some photos here, to better show what I’m trying to overcome with the wiring, but essentially, all of the old connector blocks (of which there are 8 in total) need to be correctly wired into the rear of the new unit such that all the existing technology works i.e. reverse camera, built in USB, steering wheel controls, 6 CD changer etc.

Thoughts? All help greatly appreciated View attachment 152897
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