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Showcase cover image for canyon's 2005 Honda CR-V

General Information

silver moss metallic
2.0 L petrol engine, manual gearbox. Rear wheel drive starting when front wheels slip.
Manufactured 2005 (Swindon, England).
One owner until bought by me 24June2013.
2005 Honda CR-V (silver moss metallic)


From: :
I found a seller in the US with worldwide shipping. Price for the wood-like trim is US$ 149, plus US$ 49 for shipping to Sweden. Hope shipping works, and that it will not turn out that there are small layout differences between 2005 european and american CR-V:s interiors, so that the trim will not fit. I have a single-CD small radio unit, not a large 6-CD like in the image. However, the console for the radio seems to be the same. In my case I have an empty space below the small radio, for note pads, pens, cell phone.
10 aug 2013: The wood-grain look kit arrived Aug. 8 to may post office. Had to pay an extra approx. US$ 60 as import fee. Shipping was delayed due to that custom handling. It was sent 26 July from Honda Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, MI:

Mounting Instructions and kit content at:

I have mounted 6 of the 8 pieces this evening; left the two mid-console pieces until warmer weather tomorrow to get the double-sided tape to stick as good as possible. The fit is very good so far. Hope the manufacturing was not very long ago so that the glue is still in good shape. I will post pictures.

UPDATE: All 8 trim pieces now in place. The fits of the two center pieces were also excellent.
Now hope that the glue of the double-sided pieces of tape do not dry out with time.

Before fitting the trim I feared that the accessability of the three climate regulator buttons would become problematic due to the thickness of the trim. However, this was not the case.
I have mounted chromed rubber stripes on part of the door edges - see image.

I also decided to get a V8 installed! (emblem) - see image.

The Belkin TuneCast Auto Universal FM transmitter works fine. It is a device powered from the 12 V outlet, and also having a 3.5 mm input for an mp3-player. It sends the music on a specified frequency to the radio, a frequency that the device finds itself (when I set it into Search mode) and which supposedly has minimal interference from other senders. Obviously, if driving longer distances, new senders will appear, and the search for best frequency may have to be re-done.
Other drawbacks so far is that I need having the mp3 player on a high volume setting, and it seems that I cannot charge the battery of the mp3 simultaneously as playing (the sound disappeared when connecting the USB-charge input from the 12 V socket). Also, I do not get any text info (meta data) into the radio.

EDIT: The reason for having the mp3 on high volume is that I then do not need to increase the radio volume on the used channel much higher than for the other five channels.

Here (photo) is the setup with the 12 V power cable coming in to the left of the Belkin transmitter (blue display), and the connecting 3.5 mm cable shown between my Sansa mp3 player and the transmitter. Channel 2 of the radio is set to 88.5 MHz, the frequency the transmitter suggested.
Wheel and Tire
Nov. 2, 2013: Mounted winter wheels with brand new Continental tyres on the aluminium winter rims that came with my purchase of the CR-V. Tyres are Conti Ice Contact XL with studs; 215/65-16 inch.

June 2014: New tyres, Pirelli Scorpion STR. Same type as was on when bought the car in June 2013. The shift gave a considerable improvement in smoothness and noise level.



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