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General Information

used, 2 prior owners (w/ records) 157,341 miles.. manual transmission known slight oil leak when purchased:

had no problems with this car until last year, took in for oil change at jiffy lube then to local honda dealer for air bad product recall. Car has been wonky ever since. Had alternator replaced last year. Now the emissions light has been on for a year.. Have had scans done several times with results all over the place. Took to exhaust specialites today and got
P0500 speed sensor, P1298 eletric load detector circuit high voltage, P1166 air/fuel ratio sensor1, P0340 camshaf position sensor, P0141 o2 sensor heater bank1, sensor 2, P0420 bank 1 cat. conv..

I know the top oxygen sensors have been replaced at least once and the owner prior to that also replaced an oxygen sensor, not sure which one.

I need this thing to pass emissions/inspections pronto. I'm single disabled mom with young kid. a Rich ex who is a selfish mean dude... I also think I need a new break job, oil change and all this plus taxes, insurance, registration, inspecion all coming up in 2 weeks.. Please help!!
2017 Honda crv-lx (black)



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