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Bought it a year ago to build something special out of it
Hello everyone I am new here. My name is Ryan I am 24 years and I am from the Netherlands.

If anyone have any advice or something I would love to hear it. Also sorry for my bad English I'll do my best haha.

I have an Honda Cr-v 2004 2.0. That I want to somewhat rebuild (began like 2 days ago) .

Think i am going to paint the bumper cover in the front black. And the grill with the thick chrome parts also.

Build my own roof rack with some good LED bars on top.

I want to have some more power out of my engine. It does not have to be a fast car, but it needs more torque. So that is the biggest concern for me how I can achieve it

I want my car a little higher on its wheels so if anyone knows a good way to lift my car up, love to hear it,\

I have put some different wheels on my Honda. They went from stock 16" to 18" rims (blackrhino) and 235x55 Tyres. (Cooper Discoverer ATT).

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Wheel and Tire
Blackrhino overland 18"
Cooper Discoverer ATT 235X55
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B20 in a 2004? You probably wont be able to achive a lot or a ton of Touqe, k24 notoriously have better Touqe, but, it also depends on how far your willing to go. Start with exhaust, ive removed my muffler and it sounds nice, but to really achive power out of an exhaust system, replace everything from the headers back (catless or w/cat, it doesnt really make a diff) if you have like 2-3k to invest look into turbos, like a barrett.
Talking about turbos, a better intake (especially on our V's with the loops the air has to go through to get to our throttle plate a cold air intake is a deff. Expect like atm 10 horses with both intake and exhaust upgrade, idk bout torqe but it helps, further... a better intake manifold (helps especially w/turbo... and idk about your valves but ive heard that a stock 2.0 with a turbo and no rev limiter can rev ez to 9k... if you r thinki g internal engine parts start with adjustable cam gears, especially exhaust, the faster you can get the exhaust out, and the easier the piston can get it out the better. Also, get a tuning kit s300 or somthing like that, start slow and you might want to actually start with tuning, then tune as you add parts, all you need is someone to put it in and throw the old ecu out... a laptop and a few maps of the engine, have fun.