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Bought my Little Mule in November 2010 with 142,000 miles on it. As of January 2013 it has 169,000 on the clock now. I have taken it halfway around the country and I plan to mod it to be a good all around truck, good for some light off-roading and still practical for daily driving. I bought it for $1500 from a girl who had hit a deer with it (hence the wrinkles up front). The chassis was fine and the truck drove straight, so I pounced on it. I threw in a new headlight and called it good.
1997 Honda CR-V (Silver)


-Just a basic B20B for now. Post college, I plan to swap in a K24 with a 2012+ CR-V six speed auto trans. I may also supercharge this engine depending on how much power I'm making (some head work and a few other goodies might slip their way into the K motor before it goes in). Even with the supercharger, I should see an increase in fuel mileage (thanks i-VTEC!) as well as a major bump in power (I'd like 300 whp and about 200 lb-ft of torque, double what the B20 makes). Nobody has done this swap to my knowledge, but if people are swapping K's into Civics, I don't see why it wouldn't work in a CR-V. Should be a fun toy once it's all done. This should start happening in January 2014 if all goes well.
-Whatever I'm hauling at the time

-I plan to add some all weather floor mats at some point. Still deciding which ones I want.
-Reese Class 2 tow hitch

-Will eventually add a Westin safari bar and lights. I will also be building a stainless steel skid plate. Might also do a skid plate for the gas tank and drive shaft. We'll see what the wallet can handle. Also have a CB radio, but I need to wire it up first. Some Vent Visors are also on the to-buy list.
-Sony Xplod head unit (35K colors)
-Pioneer 6 1/2" speakers all around
Wheel and Tire
-215-75/15 BFGoodrich TA K/Os. Biggest size that fits on the stock rim (just barely clears the inner fenderwells). Once these go, I'll go for 235s or bigger with aftermarket rims.



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