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Windscreen washers not working! the washer motor turns over but nothing comes out, so I have followed great advice from others and it was wheel off, inner arches off, disconnect the pump with a little gentle turn and a push up ( bucket at the ready to catch the washer fluid) guess what? nothing came out. frozen solid or blocked. There is a small filter inside the aperture that you can prise out with your fingers easily, (don't use a screwdriver its easliy damaged apparently), yep! that when the bucket comes in handy, out comes alot of screen wash, useless now because its splashed all over the lower sump guard. The filter is tiny and Gunged up with algae slime from premixed screen wash. a quick clean in water and back on also the pump housing, a small amount of new screen wash added just to test the motor, instantly perfect result, reassemble everything I took off, Job time 1 hour. note to self next time undo the bottom bolt on sump guard remove 3 nearest push arch retaining pins pull back the inner wheel arch a bit and with one hand and a long arm (which I got) I could have done the same job, 15 mins without removing the wheel just turning it to the left. Hope this helps anyone, and buy good quality concentrate for winter, because you dont know how long the shops have had the ready mixed stuff in stock.


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