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  1. 2008 CRV 50,000mile , I only changed engine oil & oil filter so far.

    Maintenance and Service
    Like title, I think I only changed engine oil & oil filter so far. I did it every 4000miles. I think that I may changed other filters and oils too. However I don't remember about that. Today, I saw "service b 12" on dash, and my CRV got 50,000. So I want to go mechanic to do B service and...
  2. Any 300,000km/186,000mile or more Gen. 2 (02-04) or 2.5s (05-06) out there?

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hi, I have seen lots of posts here and elsewhere with high mileage Gen. 1 CR-Vs. Wondering if there are any 2 or 2.5s with over 300,000km? Mine is young - 217,000km only (2000km are mine - trannie/transfer case replaced at around 60,000km - way before I bought it). Thanks for sharing...Cheers!