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02 sensor

  1. Honda crv 02 sensor and knocking sensor

    Problems & Issues
    Hi guys my crv honda 03 manual 2ltr petrol (uk based) engine managent light came on took it two my local garrage two permanent faults came on 02 sencor and knocking sensor.. The light only came on yesterday but can two faults develop straight away like that? Maybe the 02 sensor has triggered the...
  2. how to... change second O2 sensor Gen 1

    Maintenance and Service
    I have read a lot of post about how to unplug the 02 sensor from the pipe, but on my Gen 1 (1998) i couldnt see the other end where the conecctor plug must be. Instead of that, the 02 cables go through a hole on the chassis. Is there a way to acces to the 02 conecctor plug on the gen1?? may be...