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05 or 06

  1. Better Handling for 05/06 Gen 2.5

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    So after some thought I think after tax season I'll be putting some money towards better handling/reduced body roll on the crv. The reason for this was an accident I was in last February where I almost did in fact roll over, had it not been for the snow bank that stopped me from doing so. Did...
  2. 05/06 Crv Creaking Noise

    Problems & Issues
    hey guys, i have a 05/06 crv (right hand drive-manual) and ive got a little bit of a annoying issue. basically ive noticed if i take off from standing still and on a bit of a incline, i hear this sort of "creaking" sound from around the passenger (left hand side) footwell area. The sound is...