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  1. 06-08 cr-v exhaust fits my 2003 ex 4wd?

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Found a really good deal on a brand new oem mid section and muffler that I'd hate to pass up for only $80. But seller states in the ad it's from a 06-08 cr-v?? I know the 06's look very similar to my 03. I need to do my system as it's looking really old, plus it has a check engine code for an...
  2. Gen 1 with 06-08 Si Muffler?? anyone?

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Looking to replace my "rusting" muffler with something a bit nicer i guess is the word. A friend of mine has an Si and it sounds nice enough and looks good too. Has anyone ever tried to transplant the OEM Si muffler to a Gen 1 CRV? I would love to see picts or hear about it. thanks.