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  1. Shopping & Test Driving
    Hi All, I'm trying to buy a used CR-V. I spotted one in a dealer (trade-in), a 2005 CR-V Special Edition, Pewter Pearl with black leather interior. The dealer listed it for $9500 a month back. I looked at the Autocheck and Carfax reports, they show no accidents, fleet use or auction sales. It...
  2. Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hello friends! I just changed my spark plugs after 103,400 miles i dont know if they were changed before but i just did it they spark plugs actually were kind of fine, they could last a little longer, it had Denso sparks, i replaced them with NGK! They Gap of the old ones, were still more o...
  3. Shopping & Test Driving
    Would you buy a 12 year old Honda CR-V? 2001 Honda CRV EX with 103,000 miles, AWD. Tafetta White. Minor rust on the passenger side door panel at the very bottom. I took it for a spin. Drives great. Had it checked at Belle Tire and ran a diagnostic; nothing came up besides a few minor oil...