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  1. Spark plugs and drive belt 2011 CRV 105,000 mi

    Maintenance and Service
    2011 CRV w/105,000 miles. Got 30.1 MPG on last tank. Took it in for my oil change and they tried to sell me on new spark plugs and a new drive belt. Should I take the plunge on either? Both? Thanks for running a great forum. Lab in Texas
  2. 2009 CRV exl with 105,000 ish

    Maintenance and Service
    Went to dealer for normal MM-recommended service around 100,000 miles. A lot of highway miles. The guy said I need a belt of some kind... one of those belts that you can't tell if it needs to be replaced until you get into the work, and the cost would be about $800. I said no, and he said I...