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  1. 2002 losing"power" after random amounts of time and miles

    Problems & Issues
    First thing - I love my car but I have quite a commute to work - close to 70 miles so what it is doing to me is not a little problem. Started last week. I drove about 30 minutes when the car started to shudder. I know hardly a thing about cars but I knew that this shudder felt different from...
  2. O2 sensor code 1166 and 0134

    Problems & Issues
    Problem: 03 Ex gas mileage dropped 30-40% or more.. Check engine light on Trowing trouble codes 1166 & 0134 Fix: I replaced upstream O2 sensor (aka air fuel ratio sensor) with a Denso 234-9005. I found it on amazon for $150 plus shipping. To my relief the gas mileage has been restored to...
  3. 2002, OBD Error Codes P1167, 1166, and 1298

    Problems & Issues
    Engine light on. Hooked up OBD scanner at Adv Auto Parts and got error codes P1167, 1166, and 1298 all dealing with "fuel air metering". Couldn't get any more specific re parts though possibly mass air flow meter. Am I going to need dealership to avoid a lot of trial and error? Thks.
  4. MIL illuminated, codes 1166 and 1167

    Problems & Issues
    My 2002 CRV, 26K miles, had the MIL come on when I was leaving an automatic carwash. She is running beautifully, no difference in gas mileage, but threw these two codes, P1166, and P1167. Where do I start??