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  1. P145C and P0497 on a 2010 CR-V with 130K miles

    Maintenance and Service
    Where is the EVAP Purge solenoid located on the 2010? Saw a very good South Main Auto video with these codes on a 2009 CR-V. Purge solenoid is not in the same location on the 2010.
  2. CR-V Extended Warranty to 130k Kms - To buy or not to buy? Help!

    Problems & Issues
    I'm just about to buy a 2011 CR-V EXL with 62,000 kms on it and would love some trusty crv owner advice on whether I should buy the extended warranty (Honda PLus comprenhensive protection plan) that basically extended both the normal 3 year 60k warranty and the 100k powertrain warranty and it...
  3. '02 CRV 130K miles - A/C blowing warm - Compressor knocking

    Maintenance and Service
    System is all charged up (coolant), blowing warm, and the compressor is cycling on and off as well as making an intermittent knock noise. My diagnosis - compressor or switch failure. So, I'm reading various ominous posts about having to replace "every" component within the system due the CRV...
  4. About to hit 130k- maintenance?

    Maintenance and Service
    Anybody have any recommendations on how often to get tune ups from this point, what to look out for, etc? Year is 2000 Had radiator, coolant, battery, arm bushings, timing belt, power steering fluid, hoses, and brakes/fluids serviced/replaced within last couple of years. I'm wondering what I...
  5. New Engine at 130K?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone. Newbie here. I have a 2005 CR-V SE. 130,00 miles. I have a major issue happening right now, and I'm looking for advice. Approximately 18 months ago, my CR-V would start idling really hard. Kept seeming as if it wanted to die. Check engine light on, VSA light on, and the triangle...
  6. 2002 Cr-v 130k service

    Maintenance and Service
    2002 Cr-v. So, here's the deal, I get a letter in the mail from Honda saying i have some form of 130,000 mile maintenance deal to have done. It includes an oil change, and some greasing of stuff. Ok... I said... so I called the dealer and they said, I did not do the 120,000 miles maintenance...