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  1. 97 CRV p0505, 0301, 0303, 1300, 1399

    Problems & Issues
    Bought my CRV and noticed that it is sluggish on acceleration when it shifts and the RPM goes down (when I notice it, at least). I have been searching and also have the manual downloaded. Before I bought it, the owner before me must have been hunting the same problem because he had just replaced...
  2. Misfiring and code 1399

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello everyone, I am brand-new to this, but I am ready to fix this car for my wife. Car is 1999 crv automatic, 198,000 miles. She reported chugging while driving, along with the flashing check engine light but only once parked. Tow job, and the shop reports three misfire codes and cat...
  3. Misfire and code 1399

    Problems & Issues
    On my 99 CRV. A week or so ago, it started having the CEL on. At first, by the time I got to it, no code. Then, I finally got a code...then today, my wife calls, and she says that at an idle the CEL flashes, and then goes to steady on when being driven. She comes home and I get a Random...