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  1. Upgrading 16s to 17s

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    So I've been pushing it off for so long but I need new tires soon and this is my situacion... I'm still currently using the stock 16s. These will end up being my winter set. I found some wheels on tire rack that I'll be buying as my summer set for next year but they are 17's. Here is how they...
  2. since new tires - abs is weak, cruise control barely works, 16s to 60mph.

    Problems & Issues
    I wanted to post this in a different thread because there are so many issues, most of them minor. If this is against the rules, I apologize. I got 215/75s on my CRV, since then my ABS barely works, is there any way to adjust it for the new tires or is it possibly broken in some way? It will...