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  1. 2002 CRV door locking issues

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, My CR-V finally has a fault. The right side doors will not lock using the keyless entry or the electronic buttons on the doors. It will only lock manually. Is this a problem with the motor or is there a quick WD-40 fix to it? Thanks.
  2. 2002 CRV with "Limp Mode" issue

    Problems & Issues
    I have had my 2002 CRV (EX 4WD 4AT) for 5 years. I bought it used at my local Honda Dealership with 65k miles. I had purchased the full 100k miles "Honda Certified Warranty". Right away I started having issues and nothing ever really got resolved. The only major issue that remains a concern is...
  3. What is fair resale price for 2002 EX???

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    I have a silver 2002 CRV EX with 49,800. I love the car and am not anxious to sell but my son is telling me I need to get a new car since this is the age that things start to go wrong. It's in excellent condition, inside/outside, but has a slight dent/scratch on back rear door. I went to...
  4. A/C not working 2002 CRV UK

    Problems & Issues
    AC 's not working, thought it was just low pressure so when fitting gauge to low pressure side found pressure was in fact higher than normal. 2002 2.0L UK manual car So far have found following, Both fans are not coming on when AC is switched on Fuses all check out ok and none were blown, 1...
  5. Painting Aluminum Rims 2002 V

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    I just bought a 2002 CRV EX and I'd like to paint the Aluminum wheels. I saw the DIY on steelies but can't find anything on Aluminum ones. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  6. 2002 HVAC panel lights out

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2002 CR-V with 5 speed manual transmission. The light for the far right (damper) HVAC control is burned out. Took it to the brand new dealer today who was advertizing "specials" in the service department to drum up business. I figured I'd give it a shot and see if what they would...
  7. Missing Headrests (2002 w/Saddle Interior)

    Hello, I bought a 2002 Honda CR-V EX 4dr SUV AWD w/Automatic. It's Chianti Red with Saddle interior. The three headrests in the back are missing, and I was wondering where I could go to get them replaced at a reasonable price. Thanks, Copper Oranges
  8. 2002 CRV Multiple Electric System Problems

    2002-2006 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 2)
    I have a 2002 CRV, and it just started having multiple electrical system problems this afternoon. Long story short, I parked it at the corner store, came back out 10 minutes later, and keyless entry wouldn't work. After opening with key, the power door locks wouldn't work from switch on driver...