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  1. Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I replaced my O2 sensor and the DTC changed from P0167 to P1167. CEL is still on. Probably the wrong O2 sensor (DENSO 234-9005) but how can I tell if I have the F23A1 or F23A4 engine (or is it K24A1 and K24A4)? Looked everywhere for tag or piece of paper but there is nothing under the hood...
  2. Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Hello everyone, New to this forum and am glad there’s a great site for fellow CR-V owners. I’m looking to upgrade my mom’s 1998 CR-V steel wheels to 2002 CR-V alloy wheels. I know people have posted similar questions, however I just want to make sure before proceeding to pay $450 for the set...
1-2 of 3 Results