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  1. New to CRV ownership 04 LX 5MT

    Greetings & Introductions
    Just bought an 04 LX 5speed with 138K miles. Needs a little work to get it up to snuff for me. Looking for advice and tips to make some minor repairs on my own.
  2. Blue smoke from exhaust CRV 2004LX

    Problems & Issues
    Honda CRV LX 2004. I started getting blue smoke from the exhaust. Garage said I needed new piston rings. After new rings put in I still experienced same problem. Please advise what else may be the cause. The car was purchased in the U.S.A. but is now overseas in an area not accessible to a...
  3. Fuel Gauge not working 2004LX

    Problems & Issues
    I have a CRV 2004 LX4WD I noticed the guage was on empty and the light was on. Went to the filing staion and after pumping about 3 gallons the tank was full but gauge still was on empty with the light on. Please give suggestions on what the problem is and what remedy there may be to fix the problem.