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  1. 2013 What color is it?

    Met a fellow CR-V owner who bought her2013 CRV-LX in October 2012. It's a very attractive brown(ish) metallic color. She doesn't remember the name of the color but thinks it has "Mocha" in the name. There doesn't seem to be such a color in the 2013 lineup. I asked her if it was Kona Coffee...
  2. TPMS sensors for CR-V 2013

    Problems & Issues
    I have 2013 CR-V and want to get a set of winter tires on steel rims. I checked that the part number for the TPMS sensor on the 2013 CR-V is 42753-TP6-A82 which costs about $50 each. For CR-V older model (2011 and before), the part number is 42753-SWA-315/316 at about $20 each. My question is...
  3. blowen fuse or multiplex controll/fuse 2013 crv

    Problems & Issues
    shorted out radio fuse. now radio, door locks, windows don't work. check fuses with test light can't find any bad under dash or hood. could it be multiplex controller/fuse. what is it and where is it at. or a better idea?. tks dan
  4. 2013 CRV EXL. Speaker question.

    Mobile Electronics
    I added a subwoofer and amp to the stock system. Overall sound is decent and much improved. I am wondering if I should replace the speakers (any suggestions)? Should I include an amp with the speakers? I am trying to get away with spending too much money and that is why my 1st choice is to...
  5. 2013 Oddities

    Problems & Issues
    New CRV owner here. 2013 LX 2WD with about 1400 miles on it. I love the V's versatility, comfortable ride, and fuel economy, but I'm also puzzled by a few things it does. Firstly, the V's engine produces a weird pulsing vibration when it is cold and in Park. The pulsing takes a couple of seconds...