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  1. Help! clicking noise from rear 2005 cr-v vtec sport auto 2.0i

    Problems & Issues
    Hi any help appreciated, cr-v sport vtec auto 2.0 - 73500 miles 2005 (05) when turning hard left/right i hear clicking noise,from the back end, was slight now more apparent and noisier, yes i checked and changed fluid in accordance, i have now bought 2 new drive shafts and inner and out cv...
  2. 2001 Honda CRV 2.0i West One 2WD or 4WD confusion????

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Hello, Im a CRV newbie, but getting confused in the jargon! Im in the process of buying a 2001 CRV 2.0i West One. However I am a little confused. After reasearching on the net i understand there are 2WD and 4WD versions, is this right? if so, are there any visual differences between the two...