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  1. 20k Service

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Took my CR-V to my local shop for a routine oil change, have 21k miles on it (bought new in May 2018, yes I drive A LOT!) and the mechanic called me up and told me I needed two new filters, one an engine filter? and the other cabin filter. I get the cabin filter, but the other one, I'm a...
  2. I had to replace two original tires at 20k

    Maintenance and Service
    We have a 2016 CRV - LX AWD (my wife's car) and I noticed the front tires were balding bad on the outside thread compared to the back tires (they looked fine) at just 20k miles. I read the Honda CR-V owners manual which stated Replace your tires with radials of the same size, load range...
  3. At 20k the back seats starded to rattle and clatter

    Problems & Issues
    Driving on a slightly rough road surface the back seats in my EXL rattle and clatter, it was bad enough that the rear cover tray did the same thing,even clunk's on turns. Another interesting sound is the sound of tin being buckled when I put my foot on the floor as I step to the car,the Service...
  4. 15 month / 20k mile review of new '13

    Problems & Issues
    Just joined the forum after searching some of my items on google. Thought I would throw up a long term review. normally I'm on the performance forums, but figured I needed to get this out there. We bought our new '13 crv EX-L 2wd in Jan of 13. It now has 20k on the clock. The...
  5. FS: My 2007 CR-V EX-L with Navi and DVD. Price 20K

    Trading Post
    2007 Honda CR-V EX-L all wheel drive with Navigation and rear back-up camera. Only one owner. Mileage 72,500 Exterior color: Whistler Silver Metallic Interior: Black leather Other accessories added are: DVD Tailgate spoiler Roof rack Exhaust finisher Excellent low-noise Good-year tires...
  6. 2008 crv exl 5at 20k Maintenance Recommendation.

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello everyone. I have a 2008 CRV EXL 5AT with a milage of 19700. Since I am at 20% oil life I am about to take it in to get its second oil change. So I figured I would ask what else should I be looking to get done while its in for the oil change? Anyone have any recommendations on the...