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  1. Is the crv the best choice with a budget around 3000

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Hi Guy's, I'm planning to buy me first car. Can anyone help me me choice is a crv Help me
  2. 2003 honda crv sputters and wont go past 3000 RPM

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2003 honda crv and i dont know what is going on with my car. my car jerks and engine sputters. The Malfunction light is on and its hard to drive. I went and had it fixed and the mechanic replace the vtec solenoid valve back in january but now it has gotten worse. I put oil in the car...
  3. RPM Surging/Limited at 3000

    Problems & Issues
    Having a sudden problem with my 2003 4 cyl, automatic, CRV, at 85,000 miles. When I accelerate slowly, I can get up to speed without a problem. But if I have to push at all (think interstate merge in city traffic) when I hit about 2800 rpm, acceleration stops and the engine surges up and down...
  4. 3000 mile oil change interval too often

    Maintenance and Service
    Good article and of course, true...
  5. 3000+ miles..90% oil life left..normal???

    Maintenance and Service
    Have 3000+ miles on our "07 EX..oil life reading 90% this normal..I'm used to changing every 3500 miles...any thoughts...??