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  1. Gen 5: 2017-2022 (UK 2018-2023) CR-V
    I just bought a new CVR EX and all the orange coded malfunction lights lit up the dashboard. I took it into the dealer and they have never seen anything like it. Has anyone had similar issues and how did it get resolved? I know its under warranty, but they said they don't know how to fix it. I...
  2. Accessories
    I've recently installed an AutoPage RF 350 alarm in my 98 CRV and while it arms, sometimes the locks neither engages or disengages. It happens at least once a day. The alarm will arm but the locks will either not lock but will unlock or lock but not unlock. I've checked the connections over and...
  3. Diesel CR-V
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  4. Audio, Sat-Nav & Mobile Electronics
    I have a NUVI 350 and have just installed the OEM dash mounting kit. The problem is the mount between the car and the unit is only included with the GPS. Does anyone have any idea where I can find just the part that goes between unit and the car?
  5. Trading Area
    I have a Refurb Garmin Nuvi 350 for sale. It hasn't been used since being refurb by the manufacturer. I have no pics as yet. Again this is a refurb so it's basically like new. Everything that comes with a new unit comes with what I'm selling. 1. GPS uint 2. Car and AC charger 3. Suction cups for...
1-5 of 7 Results