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  1. Odd Issues with CR-V close to 36k

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Hi everyone! First and foremost, thanks to everyone who have replied to my threads regarding tires. I purchased Cooper Tires and got them at a great deal after price rewinds! Anyways, the purpose of this is to address some concerns for my CR-V: 1. The AC keeps on disengaging. Like the night...
  2. 2nd engine gone after 36k miles

    Problems & Issues
    I have a ex diesel 2005 crv. Since buying it in 2007 I have probably done only 14k miles. The first engine went in march 2009 after I had taken it in for a service. I drove the car in to dealer then got a call saying that it was knackered no oil? Up to this point it had been dealer serviced...
  3. 36K service dealers all offer different services

    Maintenance and Service
    So my V is coming up to the 36K service. Warranty will run out so I want to make sure I do the right thing. 1st dealer recommends to do all fluids, diff, trans, etc big $ service 2nd dealer recommends Oil change, filter change, air filter change, cabin filter and check everything so what to...