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  1. Oil at 40%

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I was scrolling through the info button because I had an laert about my auto high beam And saw that my oil level is at 40%! Is that safe to drive with? I picked up my car on Dec 30 2016 and only have 4400 miles on it. I have not had my first service because I thought the car computer will tell...
  2. new crv with 6k miles, 40% oil life

    Problems & Issues
    I bought the crv 2014 at Nov. It has 6k miles now, but the oil life is still 40%. Is this normal? Do I need to change oil asap? Thx.
  3. Accord Sales up 40% in Feb.

    Shopping & Test Driving
    The Crosstour accounted for a 10% increase, but I'd suspect that folks shopping for Camry's, elected to drive down the street to the Honda dealer and buy an Accord. They were probably pleasantly suprised to discover that even though it's ride isn't as plush, it has a little more room, handles...
  4. Awaiting first oil change 8K at 40%

    Maintenance and Service
    Just waiting on a good time to do my first oil change on my 2009 CR-V. Salesman told me to wait until the oil percent went to zero. I bought it in early January and it now has 8K on the odometer. Should I wait or do it sooner, just hesitating because if there is special breakin oil. Going with...