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  1. I need new rear brakes at 40k. Yikes!

    Maintenance and Service
    Wife just went to Dealer for an oil change. They said the right rear brake is worn down to the rotor. I think they told her the pad might have been caught rubbing. I'm guessing the guide pin is bad or stuck. They wanted $300 for new pads and to turn the rotor. I am just about to order 2 new...
  2. Brakes 40K miles 1st Gen CR-V

    Maintenance and Service
    I know that Brake wear is based on driving habits but is it common to get 40K miles on the Rear Brake Shoes? The front discs are easy to eyeball. But I haven't pulled the Drums off the rear. I just hit 40K on this CR-V brakes were never done. Should I expect to be doing the rears?