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  1. Whistling noise at ~40mph 1500rpm - 2015 CRV AWD

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, First post here and did a couple searches and didn't see anything come up with the 2015 CRV model but I am hearing a whistling noise while accelerating around 40mph and when the rpms kick up to 1500-1800 and it seems to either die down outside of those ranges or I can no longer hear it...
  2. 1999 CRV, Automatic, running rough & stuttering at about 40mph

    Problems & Issues
    A good friend of mine has the aforementioned car, she doesn't know too much about diagnosing/fixing vehicles & can't afford a professional, so I do a good portion of her maintenance/repairs. It all started a few months ago when she let her mom borrow her car. When she got it back it was...
  3. Shuddering/vibration a 40mph. SOLVED!

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    Ill try to keep this short and simple. Had this problem at 60k and still under warranty. Brought it into honda and they said torque converer. Replaced it free. Now at 115k guess what returned? Now I'm ready to go to war with honda but I. Say to myself let me try a fluid change. Sure enough that...
  4. My 2000 CR-V Shakes when I drive 40mph (60kph)

    Maintenance and Service
    My CR-V shakes when I drive about 40mph (60kph) but when I put the car in over drive the shaking stops. I took out the propeller shaft and the suv still shakes. Does anyone know what the problem can be?
  5. 1998 runs great over 40mph, not so good under

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 1998 cr-v with 202,000 miles. Around 170,000 I had front axels and struts replaced and the transmission was rebuilt. Shortly after the engine got real shakey when idling and is sluggish until I hit 40, then you wouldn't know there is anything wrong. I also smell more exaust. I know...